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How To Get Back to Your Normal Exercises After an Injury

Physical exercises carry with them some inherent injuries that are preventable but no assurance can be made that they will not occur, there are a variety of injuries associated with physical exercise which range from acute pain from a tone ACL, shin split, temporarily low back discomforts to severe Achilles tendon rapture when an injury occurs the only safe alternative is to temporarily stop your workout program and focus on treatment. A good number of people especially fitness enthusiasts become impatient and tend to return to the gym before proper healing of the injured area, this has seen many injuring themselves more and even worse lose their fitness to a great extent because of the extended inactivity period which can also affect their mental well being as well. After an injury, the safe way to get back to the gym is to look for recommended post injuries exercise guidelines that allow gradual, progressive, and safe physical activities. This article, therefore, has outlined some factors you need to consider after an injury before hitting the gym.

Before anything else consult with your doctor, this is important because your doctor will assess the ability of the injured part to withstand the pressure of physical activities you engage in and make a reasoned decision, it is also recommended that you talk to an exercise scientist if you were working with one to give you their views, the exercise scientist will perform some post-injury fitness tests which assess your readiness to resume to your workout regimen.

It is important to be psychologically prepared before returning to the gym, this is significant because it makes you recognize the loss of your fitness abilities and appreciate your current fitness level, this makes it easy to start slow and gradually progress without fear of injury reoccurring, furthermore, psychological preparations assist in learning what you need to do next time to prevent injury during a workout.

Now you have a doctor clearance and you know what led to your injuries, the next thing is to start slow with safe and tailored exercises, exercises specialists recommend that you start slow ad gradually increase as you progress, you can start at about 50 percent of your usual exercise intensity and gradually increase between 10 to 15 percent intensity each week. However, the intensity of the exercise should not be increased continually that is, after every week because the body needs some time to adjust to the load, also important to include are warm-up before exercise and cooldowns which are normally stretches which sum up a safe and effective exercise program. You can use these ideas to get you back to your normal exercise regimen after an injury.

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