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There are so many people across the world who tend to work under the influence of drugs. Drug screening at work tends to be necessary at work especially in cases where people involved have direct responsibility for many other people. Most of the employers who do not have a drug free workplace policy, chances tend to be that they have at least one drug user on their payroll. There are so many people who tend to go to work even when they are under influence. Even while everything seems to work right and there seem to be nor abnormally with the employees, conducting a random test would help you note that so many of the employees abuse various drugs such as marijuana or even cocaine.
It may be critical to also take note of types of testing. It may also be critical to also note that drug test tends to involve several procedures. Some of the most common types of drug testing include blood testing, specimen testing as well as urine testing. A blood drug test can only be administered in instances of emergency cases. Instances in which an employer may have blood test administered include after an accident, through a court order as well as when the employer is unconscious. In a case where a drug test need to test drugs taken within a day to four days, a urine test may be the best while hair can test drugs taken as early as three months. Urine test tend to be one of the most commonly used drug test but it tends to be easy to cheat. While most of the employers only tend to test their employees only when they are hiring them, it would be essential to conduct a drug test on employees following an accident as well as when a certain employee seems to have so many instances of near misses. The employer would also need to be cautious on the legality of the testing policy and program.
There are more benefits that come with drug testing to a company. An employer would, for example, need to make an effort of testing every new employee. It would also be essential to test about half of the employees. During any reasonable suspicion or during an accident, the employer may need to ensure testing. Towards a drug-free company, you would need to have a good policy and program. It may be critical to aim at reducing positive cases over time. As a result of reducing drug use, you can be sure of fewer sick days, lesser injuries and accidents as well as improved product quality and service. You would also have stabilized premiums on workers compensation and also have lesser supplies and equipment being damaged or disappearing.

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